Good or Healthy Business

There are many ways a computer, a man or a company can work, and yet not all modes of operation will be healthy or good.

A computer that works ok.

Perhaps a computer has been running for years with the same software, and all we have to do is a closed window routine when it lights up, gives a shot, strikes or anything else that is not normal , but it does.

Life is okay

We may have the same superstitions, habits, supplements that we use for good functioning, but not for a healthy one.

A man can be organized and do what he has to do without being happy. But this is not happiness, it can only be a good organization or adaptation to what we need and what is done in our way, just like with the computer.

A company that works

The same happens in companies.

We can have a good functioning apparently built on an unhealthy basis. Everything is then maintained with effort and work, and at the same time, on the first occasion without artificial support, everything collapses.

We run out of reality by saying that it’s good, under control, that life is so, that people, employees, the field, the country and many more are to blame forever, but never us. If we were to mean that we have been wrong so far, that we have not made the best decisions, that we have to change. Change is unknown and fear. And then somehow we always plan on it tomorrow …

We run because before we clean up, we need to mess, and that’s discomfort and much work.

My conclusion is that, although things seem to go ok, and we are good, we might be able to forget once. Or often we need someone outside to help us look better or even support us during the change process.