We have grown businesses from zero to millions, working all in, with passion and dedication, knowing and implementing the whole system, from distribution channels to sales teams, performance management, KPI creation, processes and procedures or applications for a more great efficiency.

I am guided by mottos such as “I can move the mountains” and “Just do it” and I very much believe in the ability of people to overcome their beliefs and conditions by working with self-persistence and redefinition.

Evidence for what I am, are the values I have and the results so far, I still think with naivety that people are always good in their hearts, and that the results are always obtained, lighter or harder. In life impossible is nothing, only the context to be created is different.

We are the masters of our lives, the way we work at it, the intentionality we have, the way we understand and accept what is happening, the way we dream and follow the dream.

My services are varied on executive coaching, business development, sales development and sales interventions. Of course, together with my team, we are passionate about sales, sales training, sales management, efficiency management, process optimization, KPI implementation and definition, CRM and ERP implementation and training, public speaking, and last but not least our education as people better life, on our way to happiness.