Executive Coaching


Establishing objectives and reaching the maximum potential through self-discovery and overcoming blockages under the coaching supervision of Alin Constantin.

Allow me to guide you through the life you have lived and LIGHT in the life you are now building.
Accept me as a friend and confidant, who will listen to you, understand you, guide you to balance and lift you to what you want to become! Your business is part of you and together, we will bring to light everything you need to develop.

“The wise man does not calculate his chances. He sets his goal and then reaches it.” – Lao Tise

That you are wise, I already know. You came here because you were looking for solutions. Being aware of what you need to learn is a gift and my role is to shorten your path to your goals.

Let’s start!

What is Coaching?

What I know today and I want to pass on to you, I learned over time, with a lot of work and patience. What we will get together is:

  • to ask the right questions
  • be honest in your answers
  • to know your team, not to exhaust it
  • to understand your nerves and failure and turn them into stages of evolution and learning
  • to decide!
  • to have results
  • to discover the true barrier of your stagnation
  • to enjoy time, not to waste it
  • visualize what you want but apply what really helps you
  • to enjoy what you build
  • understand that fear can be constructive
  • to become a better you every day

Un singur lucru daca s-ar schimba dintre cele de mai sus și ar avea un impact major in toata viata ta, pe orice plan. Cat de valoros ar fi asta pentru tine? Ai mai amana?

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