Executive Coaching

Setting goals and reaching the maximum potential through self-discovery and overcoming bottlenecks under coaching supervision by Alin Constantin.
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Business Coaching

By consulting a company, it can benefit shortly or longer from the support, vision and/or supervision of professionals who have proven excellence in their expertise, and have further developed their capabilities and experience in the firms they have consulted along the profession.
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Sales Development I Consultancy - Training - Intervention

We have our experience and proven results, that we will pass to you. We’ll do that by asking questions, educate, collaborate, build creative solutions, develop relationships, and help you understand better. Same things that you will do with your customer. All this will compose a system that will work and we will pass it to you.
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SWAT Sales Method

A matter of attitude In our vision, in business today, business solutions are similar and close to price. What makes the difference is the seller. How can we help you develop the company’s culture and sales teams? We come with a customized approach, pay special attention to the previous part of the training, go with […]
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Specialized Trainers / Topic We offer training on various subjects according to the company’s needs. Our training team is divided into different categories, assuring us that you will benefit from the best trainers on the topic you are interested in. Our topics covered are: sales, sales management, communication, leadership, coaching. Training Communication Have you ever […]
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Personal Development

Passionate about personal development for more than fifty years, John Maxwell now shares us with his personal experience of this subject so that we can become what we have always wanted. This John Maxwell’s Third Law Series (The 21 Top Laws of the Leader and The 17 Laws of Teamwork) will help you be the […]
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