Coaching Package Standard (10 sessions)

4.800,00 lei


Setting goals and reaching the maximum potential through self-discovery and overcoming bottlenecks under coaching supervision by Alin Constantin.

“You cannot travel until you become the path itself.”
If you want better results for yourself or your company, you’ve come to the right place.
Alin Constantin is a professional in helping his customers identify limitations that prevent them from reaching their true potential. During coaching sessions, Alin guides clients through a process of goal setting, self-discovery, and goals.

Just as athletes have all the coaches that help them reach their true potential and you have the opportunity to be coached by Alin Constantin.
Alin Constantin is personally and directly available to a very limited number of clients to explore with them and train them in a one-on-one approach each year.
Alin’s coaching is based on skype or phone to make it possible for groups and people around the world to have access to their unique way of helping people connect to their true potential.


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